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2014: Disguise

Deadline Extended!
Please submit abstracts by 20 June at hello@marginalisedmainstream.com or marginalisedmainstream@gmail.com.

The Marginalised Mainstream conference 2014 will address disguise in all its forms. From secret identities to theatrical performances, from fictional fabrications to factual concealment, disguises of all sorts are a familiar part of mainstream culture.  This event will explore various manifestations of disguise in popular fiction, media, and culture that have previously been academically marginalised.

Fictional instances of disguise range from Scooby-Doo to Superman, and have a long history in theatre, novels, and film.  Factual disguise can also impact mainstream media, whether it be the subtle advancement of a concealed agenda in gay fiction of the 1960s, the academic impact of the Sokal hoax in the 1990s, or J.K. Rowling’s recent attempt to publish pseudonymously.  Textual disguises, such as that of the murderer of Roger Ackroyd or the identity of Keyser Söze, retain the power to shock. This year's conference will offer a forum for new perspectives on the operation and meanings of such masking and unmasking in fiction, media, performance, other cultural productions.